Farm Work

Farm HelperIf you have a good work ethic, and are interested in learning what life is like on Canadian farm send us an email and tell us about yourself.

We are always looking for happy energetic people to help with the garden or the cooking, mowing the lawn, running chores on the quad, chasing kids and cows, you name it – the work NEVER ends here.

Nina Schellenberg photo

Nina Schellenberg

Days off can be spent exploring Wells Gray Provincial Park, Sunpeaks Resort or hit up one of the local lakes for a day of fishing.  Weekend trips could be spent in Jasper or the Okanangan Valley.

The Rainers live a beautiful, busy life and they don’t mind sharing this experience with you.  Bring your camera and your work clothes – leave with great memories and maybe a new callous or too.


Testimonials from our workers….

Marc’s stay on the farm

Martin’s stay on the farm


The Rainer Farm does not only represent the great countryside of British Columbia, but also a really canadian way of life. The Rainers are a big family and they treat their workers as they were part of it. With their Dairy Farming, pigs, turkeys, a big garden and a Meat Shop, there is plenty of work of great variety… It is a place you will fall in love with, which is why I came back for a second summer in Darfield. If you are willing to work, and willing to experience canadian farm life, this is the place to be.

Nina Schellenberg