Martin’s stay at the farm

My name is Martin and I spent the summer of 2011 in Darfield, B.C. on the Rainer’s farm.
After I graduated from college in Germany I planned to go abroad for a bit and look around what else there is. My company on the travel to Canada was a school mate and we wanted to stick together for a while. All I had was an email address I got from someone who worked at the Rainer’s earlier. I called them and after a short chat, we were in.
Martin ReberSince we lived in a cabin not far from the house we enjoyed both being part of the family and having our own privacy. The meals were the time of the day when we all met in the house to enjoy the cooking (you may also cook your own dish..but you probably won’t). Depending on what’s happening in the North Thompson Valley the Rainers can tell you where to go and what to do, give you a ride or even let you join in their activities. Still, if you want to spend your spare time alone, there is enough space and time to retreat.
The work on the farm depends on what you make out of it. If you’re looking for a nature get away with a little bit of weeding, lawn mowing and cows mooing in a sunny afternoon you are as welcomed as if you were tediously working long hours, enthusiastic about learning ‘on the job’ and ambitiously getting your work done. You’re not forced to work but the Rainer’s farm is a place where work gets recognized and honored.
You may choose between household work and general farm work. My work experience included tractor related work ( feeding, farming, moving dirt), gardening, repairing & fixing, milking & working with animals, irrigation, wood working and everyone’s favorite: painting.
I had the chance to learn a lot (considering my education) about carpentry, welding, farming, gardening as well as Canadian culture, the agricultural economy and a little bit about everything else.
The good times I had with the family are certainly the highlight of my youth and I’ll surely come back for another stay. To sum my stay up I’ll just use an idiom I heard on the farm: “Every night’s a Friday night, every morning Monday morning.” If you have any questions the best way is to directly ask Debbie. She’ll be glad to help you and talk about your stay.